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Diana Knight
Blue Blood
Getting dressed up for sex is fun and getting dressed up sexy and going out in public is downright liberating. Chicks in chainmail, Renaissance garb, steampunk finery, alien contacts, fairy wings, superhero capes, and supervillain masks . . . they all let you explore your fantasies to the fullest. And they're hot.

Some of costuming helps explore other worldviews and honoring what you love with a fandom tribute.
Some of the fun of costumes is the way they signal your interests to other people who always wanted either a slavegirl of Gor or a raygun-toting assassin badass heist partner. A costume can be just delicious variety or a way of reaching into the soul and heart and making them external and visible.

I never easily agree to peace-bond my weapons.

-- Amelia G

Erotic Fandom
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